December Thoughts & Goals

Hey again,

I guess I’ll just start with my goals for this month, I know it is a bit late since it’s already the 5th of December. But I’m a procrastinator with loads of schoolwork to do.

  • Finish Report comment
  • Christmas DRAWINGS :OO
  • Buy presents for friends (Wow Christmas is so close)
  • STUDY HARD for my Jiu-jitsu grading
  • Try not to fall apart when my best friend leaves me to go to high school ;-;
  • More posts
  • First Secret Santa!!

There are loads more, but I wouldn’t want to bore you.
Anyway, some of my December thoughts.

– One of my best friends who is a year older than me is going to high school, I am so not prepared to last next year without her. But then again I am so excited for next year as it’ll be my last year until high school, then I’ll finally be getting out of this school and meeting new people.
Yes, I know that’s still literally ages away, but hey, I can’t stop the excitement.

– School work… Teachers… It all aggravates me, at the beginning of the year its all chill all the way through until term 4, this term has been really hard for me as the teachers have just suddenly chucked all this school work at us. My school goes from primary to intermediate, so we’re with all the younger students. In two weeks the intermediate class has been rushed to create something to show primary learners on what to expect for intermediate. But that’s just a piece of the easier stuff. I feel like everything that’s happened like drama and homework, has made me want to crawl back into my shell, away from everybody else.

Just some of my thoughts for ya, I feel like I needed to get all this unnecessary stuff out of my head.

JestingDaisy xxx



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