This year is ending soon now!!

Hello, yes I know it’s been quite a long time since I posted but honestly, I procrastinate a lot ( I mean a lot!)

3… 2… 1…

2018 pretty much sucked for me, because it was kind of a lazy year and I didn’t feel good enough so I didn’t do a lot of things I wanted to do, let’s just say I regret that.
So this new year I hope to accomplish new challenges and try more new things, for 2018 I didn’t set any resolutions/goals to aim for because I don’t really believe in them. It was kinda like sleeping in, I want to get out of bed and things but I’m just too lazy to do anything.

So here we go first new years resolutions in quite a long time:

  1. Less technology
    This is something I actually need to take seriously, this year I found myself laying In bed every morning scrolling through Instagram or looking and peoples snapchat stories, seeing how well their lives were going compared to mine.
  2. Train/Work more, either for BJJ or School
    Just in general cuz this year I was a pretty crap student (If only my best friend could teach me her ways ;-;)
  3. Don’t give a flying duck about what others think, be your best you.
    I guess this is the sort of thing I should be telling myself more often because I sometimes tend to put myself down. I tell this to other people but I guess I never thought about using my own advice.

I just finished firing fireworks with my best friend and her family, I went for a swim and drank ginger beer till I danced around the tiles with my bestie, couldn’t have asked for a better countdown to new years
Have a great night,



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