Christmas Is Coming Pt. 1

Hey, ♥

Its that time of year again, Except this year feels a little different for me.

I live in New Zealand and where I live it doesn’t snow… So no white Christmas for me.
I’ve always wondered what a Christmas morning would be like in places that snow. My mum recently promised me that we would try and save up some money, to spend Christmas in the snow with her close friend.
Somehow I don’t know if we’ll be able to. But I guess hope is the best option 🙂

Anyway, we’re still going to have a great time, Today we put up our tree. (The lights look so pretty!) Sorry, I took the photos with a crappy filter 😛 ↓

The Tree

On December 1st We turn on our Christmas song playlist and dance around the tree sprawling decorations everywhere. This year mum has a sore shoulder, so we only put up the tree, we decided to decorate it tomorrow.
Then later on in December, we start making gingerbread, and other sweets to save for the 25th.

This Xmas will be way more fun, as I have my 2 puppies (Photos of them below) and loads of favourite family members by my side.



Left – Leo (3rd Xmas)                                  Right – Willow (1st Xmas)
My mother and father split up a while ago (when I was 3/4 I think) and I used to have Christmas’s with mum all the time, then dad got me full time and I never got to have Christmas day with mum only earlier. Fortunately this year I’m with her because she managed to get me full time 😀

How do you prepare for Christmas, or do you celebrate something else? ❤

JestingDaisy xxx


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