Hey again,

I know I’m probably the slackest blogger ever (if that’s even a word idk. I’m dumb :p ) I haven’t posted in a long time, half of that is procrastination and the other is family.

Let’s just say this holiday I’m trying to connect with family and friends by repairing and growing bonds. In the time i haven’t posted I’ve grown away from a friend and it breaks my heart because she used to be caring and funny but now she’s just gross and inappropriate. I tried not to mention it to anyone other than my best friend but I guess I told my parents and a few other friends, that’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking about these school holidays.

But luckily enough a week or two before school ended my good friend invited me to stay with her in Waihi, (It’s in New Zealand where I live) And today I leave I guess it’s a good thing to take my mind off feeling guilty. Anyway Waihi, It’s a lovely place I’ve only been there once so this is my second time, we’re staying at a friend of my friend’s place (sorry if that’s confusing) So it’s not their batch but… guess what?!?!

It’s right next to the beach!! So obviously there’s going to be a lot of swimming! There are so many pros but there is one con… Sunscreen, I don’t know if anyone reading this knows or not but New Zealand’s Ozone layer has a hole which causes the suns UV rays to be harsher to the human skin causing us to need to put sunscreen on like nearly every hour. It’s honestly a pain in the butt 😡

There’s your lesson for the day 🙂

I leave today at 6:00 and I feel as though the time is going much slower than usual because I’m super excited!!! Anyway, I have to go now, I will definitely post photos of Waihi so yeah. Look forward to that (Even if my photos are crappy)

Have you gone away for the holidays?

Jestingdaisy xx


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