School and Goodbyes

Hello again, (sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been a bit busy)

Two days ago school finished and now I kinda just feel empty, a few of my good friends have left for high school and I won’t see them until one whole year has passed. You know how a lot of people say how school sucks? Well throughout the school year I used to be like that, I never counted all the good moments because the bad had put me down.
But now as the school year has ended I felt bad that I didn’t do so many things, I felt bad because I wasn’t the best I can be.

This year has gone by so fast and only now am I realising all the great parts that I will miss next year, I will miss not having to prepare for high school, miss all of my friends who have left.
and many other things next year I will be considered a “role model” for the younger students. I feel that I’m just not ready.
I feel like I want to just go straight back to school, I miss coming to school every morning and saying hello to everyone, cracking jokes and playing Football or goofing around in the school hall in my spare time, with my close friends.
Welp, I guess I have to suck it up.
Wow and the fact that I hope my friend who is going high school doesn’t forget about me (even tho she’s only a few streets away)

I can’t believe that I am actually missing school, that’s the weirdest feeling I’ve had since I listened and watched someone getting friend zoned, (it was super awkward)
Wow, How do I survive??? I feel like I’m slowly crumbling to pieces, but I’ll probably get through it by the end of the week and actually begin to enjoy the summer sun XD
Well, that’s me, enjoy the rest of your day 

Jestingdaisy xxx


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