Hello. (First Post!)


I’ve decided to create a blog.

(Well, to anyone reading this 😛 )

I’m not really sure what to do with my first blog post, but oh well here it goes.
Not too long ago something happened to me, something that made me feel I wanted to cry my heart out and scream into a pillow.
(That didn’t go quite so well.)

I talked to my parents but that didn’t work so well. I asked a few older kids in school about what I should do. They said the same things as many of my friends.
“Get a diary, to write all your thoughts and feelings in.”
I tried that, but after hours of writing at school, it kinda felt awkward.
So I decided to try something else, an anonymous blog that way I can write about anything I want where nobody I know can judge me.

I hope this goes well ♥

JestingDaisy xxx


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